Nov 01 - Nov 02, 2017

Sydney, Australia

Social Justice in Organisations
3rd International Research Symposium | 1-2 November 2017


Australian Catholic University
Peter Cosgrove Centre, Tenison Woods House
8-20 Napier Street, North Sydney

Social justice (broadly defined) is an important issue impacting contemporary organisations in a variety of ways, including (un)ethical practices, (un)fairness, (mis)trust, and politics in the workplace. At the heart of this issue is the ways organisations and their members perceive, interact with, and treat each other, their stakeholders and the wider social community.

In recent times, ethical crises in business, exploitation of workers and corporate scandals have shaken assumptions of ‘business as usual’. Recurring examples of social injustice of and within organisations highlight the relevance and timeliness of this topic for scholars, practitioners, and society at large.

In this context, critical insights in the fields of Sustainable Human Resource Management (HRM) and Organisational Behaviour (OB) illuminate everyday organisational practices that challenge and undermine social justice. Indeed, tensions between the pursuit of social justice as a normative ideal and how organisations operate in practice suggest such contradictions may lie at the heart of organizational life. Yet approaches that facilitate and sustain social justice in organisations are infrequent and typically not impactful.

Research focused on this topic emphasises ethical, social and psychological perspectives on how everyday interactions at work may undermine, build, restore or sustain social justice. Such perspectives stimulate powerful arguments towards a paradigm shift in management thinking – emphasising the importance of sustainable practices, more attuned to organisations’ impact on people and society. Yet this approach clashes with the pursuit of short-term organizational gain, pitted against the well-being of employees, consumers and other stakeholders.

This International Research Symposium will bring together various theoretical perspectives, methods, and empirical contexts to explore issues of social justice in organisations. Hosted by the Centre for Sustainable HRM & Wellbeing at Peter Faber Business School, Australian Catholic University, the event will provide a supportive and friendly setting to share ideas, discuss latest HRM and OB perspectives, and stimulate scholarly and practical inspiration.

We look forward to welcoming you in Sydney.
Michael Fischer

International Research Symposium 2017

Michael Fischer, Director, The Centre for Sustainable Human Resource Management (HRM) & Wellbeing

Michael Fischer

Michael Fischer

Director of the Centre, Professor Michael Fischer is a world-renowned expert in the leadership and mobilisation of organisational change in research-intensive organisations, especially in healthcare. A Visiting Scholar at University of Oxford Saïd Business School, he holds a PhD from Imperial College London and was previously senior faculty at the University of Oxford, King’s College London, and the University of Melbourne. He had led major competitive research grants focused on the leadership of research-led innovation, change and societal impact. His recent research includes publications in Accounting Organizations and Society, Human Relations, Organization Studies, Public Administration, and Social Science & Medicine. His groundbreaking research in the healthcare sector has gained international recognition, influencing policymakers and regulators in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Wayne Hochwarter

Wayne Hochwarter

Wayne Hochwarter is a leading international authority in the Organizational Behaviour research arena, with over 100 scientific and applied articles to his credit. Professor Hochwarter’s work covers a wide range of topics, including employee entitlement, worker engagement, job stress, employee health and well-being, social influence, workplace politics, abusive work behaviours, accountability, optimism, and leadership-focused motivation strategies. His influential scholarship appeared in some of the world’s most highly regarded Business and Management outlets. Recent examples include articles in The Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. In the United States, Wayne is the Jim Moran Professor of Organization Behavior in Florida State University’s College of Business.

Richard M Ryan

Richard M Ryan

Richard Ryan is a widely published researcher and influential theorist in human motivation and well-being. With Edward L. Deci, he is co-developer of Self-Determination Theory, a globally recognised theory of human motivation and personality development that has been both widely researched and applied in a variety of contexts, including work organisations, around the world. His current research interests are diverse and include, among others, the validity of eudaimonic formulations of happiness; and need satisfaction in the workplace. Recent articles have featured in Journal of Social Psychology, Psychological Science, and Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

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