Ghent University, Belgium

Australian Catholic University (ACU) is delighted to support a strategic partnership with Ghent University, Belgium. Spearheaded by ACU’s Peter Faber Business School and Ghent University’s Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, the institutional partnership focuses on unilateral or bilateral Study Abroad programs; Staff and Student Exchange programs; collaborative research and curriculum development endeavours; exchange of information including library materials and research publications; and joint participation in internationally funded research projects.

Ghent consistently rates among the top universities not only in Belgium and Europe, but also throughout the world. In the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2015 (also known as the Shanghai Jiao Tong rankings), Ghent has risen to place 71 in the world. This compares favourably with the rankings of many leading research universities on a global scale, including Boston University (ranked 73rd), the Australian National University and University of Queensland (in joint 77th place), Osaka University (85th), Moscow State University (86th), and the University of Warwick (92nd).

Ghent’s ranking scores on publications in peer reviewed journals surpass those of Princeton, Chicago, Carnegie Mellon and King’s College London. A similar picture emerges at discipline level in Business and Economics research where Ghent’s publication score is on par with Princeton and outperforms e.g. Carnegie Mellon, London Business School, INSEAD, Boston College, and Georgetown.

Ghent University can name many notable alumni and faculty members throughout its history, including Nobel laureates Corneille Heymans, Maurice Maeterlinck, Adolf von Baeyer, and Erwin Schrödinger.

Middlesex University Business School, London

The partnership with Middlesex University Business School enables us to work collaboratively with highly qualified, research active scholars. Middlesex has a strong research culture that values and encourages research and professional practice from all parts of the academic community. The ACU Peter Faber Business School and Middlesex University Business School share common research values, such as innovative research that makes a real difference in the world.

The purpose of such collaborations drives positive change, allows for interactions with some of Europe’s leading scholars and makes an impact on business, society and to the world in which we live. Research collaborations and researchers’ visits from and to Middlesex will strengthen ACU’s research platform and help raise our reputation as a community of research excellence. Our growing strength in the broad Sustainable Human Research Management and Employee Wellbeing research arena will add particular value to these endeavours.

The overall mission of Middlesex University Business School courses is to develop professionals who can manage ethically, sensitively and holistically in a range of organisations and in an increasingly global and rapidly changing environment.