The Centre for Sustainable Human Resource Management (HRM) & Wellbeing focuses on the call to dignified work, within and beyond organisational life, as an indispensable element to creating a just, civil and sustainable society. With a distinctive emphasis on ‘transforming lives through meaningful work’, our research shifts attention from financial-technical aspects of business to emphasise ethical, psychological and social aspects of organisations and work, with potential to serve the common good.

Centre members are leading international scholars in the fields of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, whose research has a practical emphasis on promoting more adaptive forms of work, organising and business, especially in human service organisations such as healthcare and education.

The Centre for Sustainable HRM and Wellbeing is situated within the Peter Faber Business School at Australian Catholic University. Our research is closely aligned with ACU’s mission of delivering Impact through Empathy for the benefit of civil society.